Modulare 3-phasige USV-Anlage

Bis zu 250 kW

Die USV Anlage KEOR MOD ist eine Online-Dauerwandler-USV Anlage die mit der aktuellen PWM High-Frequency Technoligie arbeitet. Die Anlage ist mit einem durchgeschliffenen Neutralleiter ausgestattet und ist sowohl in der Leistung als auch im Batteriesystem Modular aufgebaut. Sie ist in den Leistungsstufen 25 bis 250 kW lieferbar. Das Batteriesystem kann intern auf speziellen Einschüben bis 125 kW.

Power module, a collaboration of technology

Each power module is a single complete three-phase UPS with a nominal power of 25 kW in only 2 rack units.
Thanks to the hot swap functions, plug and play and the total independence of each power module, all maintenance phases and any power expansion are extremely swift and simple.

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Battery Drawer, Internal Backup time UP TO 125 KW

Each battery drawer contain up to 24- 9 Ah or 11 Ah batteries, allowing the KEOR MOD 125kW model with 10 battery drawers to reach an backup time up to 5 minutes at 100% of the load.

The batteries inside the drawer are divided into 4 blocks, each with 6 batteries, that can be easily removed to guarantee very quick maintenance.

The battery drawers have a plug-in connection and the mechanical anti-extraction stop prevents complete extraction of the drawer.

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Exclusive rotating touch screen display

The 10” touch screen display provides a simplified control panel packed with information, alerts and settings and is also equipped with interactive icons to make navigation and selection of the functions to be controlled.

The possibility of being able to rotate the Display inwards by 180° simplifies and speeds up the configuration and maintenance phases.

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Complete on board communication

The communication module is positioned on the front, is easily accessibleand boasts a wide selection of communication interfaces.

  • “Cold Start” push-button
  • system communication ports
  • RS485 port
  • RS485 port for external accessories
  • logical gate
  • communication interface slot
  • USB host port
  • 11 floating contact inputs
  • 8 floating contact outputs

Exclusive Features

Exclusive Features