Single-phase modular UPS systems

From 1.25 to 10 kVA

MEGALINE RACK UPS is a single phase uninterruptible power supply with high frequency PWM technology, On Line Double Conversion type, modular architecture, with the possibility of N+X redundant configuration, for 19” rack cabinet.

It delivers a rated power from 1250 to 5000VA, equipped with valve-regulated hermetic-type accumulator batteries, contained inside the UPS in a specific compartment or in one or more external cabinets.

General features

  • Single-phase modular UPS systems (19” rack)
  • Power from 1250 to 5000 VA
  • VFI-111 on-line double conversion
  • Adaptable, expandable and redundant solutions
  • Easy and fast management and maintenance


  • Wide voltage range and input frequency
  • Operating frequency from 50 to 60 Hz with auto-recognition
  • Frequency conversion 50 in – 60 out or vice versa
  • Extension of the input frequency range for operation with power-supply units
  • Operation in eco mode (energy-saving)
  • Possibility to set on line mode with a minimum load rate
  • Adjustable output voltage with 1V intervals from front panel
  • Low level of noise
  • Measures internal and external temperature
  • Controls the ventilation in relation to the temperature and the load
  • Designed for remote emergency switch-off

Single-Phase UPS