The CPS (Central Power Supply) TRIMOD MCS are single-phase and three-phase central power supply systems with high frequency PWM technology, On Line Double Conversion type, modular architecture, with the possibility of redundant N+X configuration.

The MCS series is designed in compliance with EN 50171 and is the ideal solution for installation in buildings subject to fire safety regulations, and in particular for supplying emergency lighting systems.

The CPS TRIMOD MCS can also be used to power alarm systems, smoke extraction equipment, carbon monoxide detection and specific safety systems in sensitive areas.

General features

  • Single-phase and three-phase modular CPS
  • Power from 3 to 80kW
  • Compliant with EN 50171
  • On-line double conversion VFI-SS-111
  • High efficiency up to 96%
  • Power factor 1
  • Adaptable, redundant and scalable solutions (3-1 IN/OUT phase configuration)
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Low environmental impact
  • Diagnostics, monitoring, historical data and parameters settable from display
  • Small foot print and size
  • Cabinets with increased height allowing for increased autonomy and standard configurations
  • Pre-configured solutions with 1h autonomy


  • Dual input function (Dedicated input for By-pass line)
  • Hot Swap function
  • Continuous operation up to 120% of the load
  • Protection against battery polarity inversion
  • Output configurable from display as PERMANENT or NON PERMANENT
  • Menu available in 7 languages
  • Frequency converter fin 40-70Hz fout 50/60Hz (selectable)
  • Operation with generator set
  • Three independent output phases
  • Eco Mode
  • Bypass intervention speed adjustment
  • Event log complete with date and time
  • Global historical data and of each single power module

Three-Phase UPS