Before and after-sales services

Preventive maintenance

Electronic equipment and power systems, such as UPS, contain life-limited components and parts that must be replaced according to the manufacturer’s specifications. To ensure optimal performance and to protect your critical application from potential downtime, it is crucial to perform preventive maintenance operations on a regular basis and replace parts when needed. Our Service Contracts include cleaning, IR thermography, measurements, functional tests, event log and power quality analysis, battery health check, hardware and software upgrades, and technical reports. A Preventive Maintenance Plan is one of the most cost-effective actions that can preserve your initial investment and ensure your business continuity.

Corrective maintenance, emergency call

In the event of an Emergency Call, our worldwide service network, with engineers and spare-parts stocks strategically located as close as possible to your site, guarantees a fast intervention time with 24/7/365 assistance. After connecting his laptop to your UPS, very powerful diagnostic software helps our engineer to identify the fault, thus ensuring short MTTR (Mean Time To Repair). Corrective actions are performed such as part replacement, adjustments and upgrades to return the UPS system back to normal operation.

Other services