Scalable high power UPS

up to 21 MVA

UPSaver is a high power UPS based on hot scalable 333 kVA modules. It can reach up to 2.67 MVA in a single unit. The single units  can be paralleled up 21 MVA. UPSaver is the ideal solution for data center and IT business critical applications, providing the highest reliability and availability. The flexibility of the system is designed to adapt itself to the critical and changing data center demands. With state-of-the-art components, UPSaver is one of the most compact, efficient and fully adaptable power protection system.

General features

  • Hot swappable 333 kVA modules on VFI mode (on demand);
  • Hot scalable to 2.67 MVA;
  • 97.2% efficiency;
  • Very small footprint;
  • Flexibility in system design and installation;
  • Power parallel scalable up to 21 MVA;
  • Low audible noise level <65 dB;
  • Top or Bottom entry;
  • Busbar or Cable connection;
  • Low input capacitive power for genset flexibility;
  • Peak shaving capable;
  • Lithium battery compatible.
  • Enhanced Efficiency Mode

Three-Phase UPS