Single-phase UPS

From 1 to 3 kVA

Keor LP UPS is a single phase uninterruptible power supply with high frequency PWM technology, On Line Double Conversion type.

It delivers a rated power of 1000-2000-3000VA, equipped with valve-regulated hermetic-type batteries, contained inside the UPS in a specific compartment or in one or more external cabinets. Keor LP is available with different types of output sockets.

General features

  • Conventional single-phase UPS systems, available in 3 versions depending on the power
  • Power from 1 to 3 kVA
  • VFI-SS-111 on-line double conversion
  • RS232 communication port
  • LAN / SNMP connectivity
  • Uptime can be extended with additional battery cabinets
  • Compact design and low footprint

Single-Phase UPS