Three-phase modular UPS systems from 20 up to 120 kVA

General features

  • Three-phase modular UPS systems (19” rack cabinets)
  • Power from 20 to 120 kW
  • VFI-SS-111 on-line double conversion
  • High efficiency up to 96%
  • Power factor 1
  • Adaptable, expandable and redundant solutions (configuration phase In/Out, 3-1)
  • Easy and quick maintenance
  • Low environmental impact
  • Diagnostic, monitoring, historical data, parameter setting by display


  • Menu available in 7 languages
  • Frequency converter fin 40-70Hz fout 50/60Hz (can be selected by the user)
  • Operates with a power-supply unit
  • Three independent output phases
  • Dedicated input for the bypass line
  • Hot-Swap function
  • Eco Mode
  • EPS Mode
  • Adjustable output voltage with 1V intervals (190÷245V)
  • Bypass activation speed control
  • Events log with date and time
  • Overall historical data and for each individual power module


Battery module

They contain 7 9 Ah batteries with a plug-in connection and a hot-swap system. The minimum amount of battery drawers is 3.

Power modules

Single-phase 6.7 kVA module. Extremely compact and easy to handle, fitted with a hot-swap system.

Control module

This is a 20kVA UPS. It contains the control logic and programming display. It can be fitted with three power modules or three additional battery charger modules and it can be connected in parallel with other control modules and a power expansion module.

Power expansion module

It does not contain the control logic and it must be combined with a control module. It allows to increase the power from 20 to 40 kVA and set the redundancy on individual phases.

Distribution model

It contains the terminal blocks for the in/out connection and for additional battery cabinets and disconnecting switches. It can be configured to obtain a separate emergency bypass line.